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To many of us, family is everything, and you will do everything to protect them and their future. At Rachel V. Triplett, Attorney At Law, LLC in Georgetown, Ohio, I am committed to helping people through various legal matters to help them succeed in life.

I started my own law firm because I wanted to provide each of my clients with empathetic, one-on-one representation because you deserve to have quality legal treatment. Whether you're getting divorced or are dealing with a child custody dispute, I can help you.

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Guidance Through Your Divorce

No one plans on getting divorced, and even those who may have seen it coming often think it's a pretty easy process. In reality, getting divorced (especially when you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse cannot agree on anything), is often a very complicated process where emotions run high and bank accounts can run thin.

As your divorce attorney, I will strive to provide you with affordable representation through matters involving child custody, child support, property division, alimony, and more. You need an advocate in your corner that will ensure your voice is heard, and I am that person.

You Need Your Kids in Your Life

One of the most difficult agreements to reach for couples going through divorce is often child custody. Both of you want to spend the most amount of time possible, but that is clearly not reasonable. What you can do is work with an attorney that is experienced at negotiating deals so, even though it may not be exactly what you wanted, you can spend as much time as possible with your child or children.

If you live in Georgetown, Ohio or any of the surrounding communities, contact my office today to schedule a consultation. I proudly serve those in Brown County and Adams County, so don't let distance keep you from reaching out. Fill out the brief form below or call my office today to set up an appointment.