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Finding Hidden Income & Assets

In an Ohio divorce, the couples are required to divide their marital property—assets accrued during the couple's marriage—equitably and justly. Unfortunately, some dishonest spouses can decide to hide their assets and income in order not to share with their estranged partners. Thankfully, divorcing spouses who suspect financial infidelity can find hidden assets and income by seeking legal assistance. A skilled Ohio family law attorney can guide you through the divorce discovery process and help uncover any hidden income and assets.

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How Does Infidelity Affect the Outcome of My Divorce?

Infidelity is among extensive contributors to many divorces in Ohio and across the United States. Discovering that your partner is engaging in extra-marital affairs can be painful and heartbreaking. When this eventually results in a divorce, you may be wondering whether it will affect the outcome of your case

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Steps to Take to Prepare for Divorce

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful and unpleasant experiences a person can go through in their life. If you are like most people, you probably want your divorce to end as quickly as possible.

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Common Misconceptions About Divorce & Family Law

Statistics from the Ohio Department of Health indicate that there were 32,364 total divorces statewide in 2019. Going through a divorce can be an emotional experience that affects different aspects of your life, such as your assets, finances, children, and future family relationships.

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